• 2015 Successes!

Program Accomplishments and Highlights

We’re grateful to our partners, amazing volunteers and staffers and excited to share some exciting highlights from last year.

Overall in 2015, 1,020 volunteers contributed 12,462 hours of service for stewardship and education programs!!

Staffers and volunteers reached over 30,000 people through these programs.

Summer Stewardship Programs

901 people participated in service projects in 2015, contributing 4,274 hours of service!

Tri-Canyon Trails Program:

575 volunteers gave 3,595 hours of service. 67.8 miles of trails restored, 308 erosion control devices installed, cleaned or restored. More than 25 partnering entities participated. All major trails in Tri-Canyons addressed.   Two major restoration service projects at Alta and Silver Lake, including our first annual Kids restoration effort at Silver Lake.

Invasive Weeds Program:

342 volunteers participated, contributing 807 hours of service. 423 acres treated, and 81.2 miles of trail scouted. All major trails, trailheads, picnic sites, campgrounds, and park-and-ride lots treated in Tri-Canyons.

Education Programs

CCF volunteers contributed 8,705 hours to guide and lead outdoor education programs in the watershed in 2014!  Thank you!

  • School Field Trips: 2,437 kids participated in the 2014-2015 Season – Snowshoe field trips and at Silver Lake.
  • Wildflower Festival 2015 – 1,249 tour participants, volunteer guides contributed 1,695 hours of service

Thank you to all our partners and amazing volunteers for a productive and great 2015 season!!!

See you this summer!!!