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Bonneville Shore Line

The Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline is a mixed use trail that one day may span over 280 miles.  It currently eclipses 100 miles, running non-contiguously in parts from Ogden down to Payson as it conforms to the shoreline of the ancient Lake Bonneville, a massive body of water that once covered over 19,000 sq. miles.  It is one of the most popular trails in the Salt Lake Valley, offering easy access and incredible views of the valley below.

The Project

As groups such as the Bonneville Shoreline Committee tirelessly negotiate the opening up of future sections, the CCF and our partners have committed ourselves to helping build and maintain the trail of these newly established portions.  The most recent addition to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail stretches from Mount Olympus southward to Heughs Canyon. As the site of the past two National Trails Days, this 1.5 miles section nears completion. We look forward to spending a third year of smashing rocks to open up tread, removing scrub oak roots and stumps, and installing retaining walls to sustain the more difficult and rocky sections. 

Our Partners

Bonneville Shoreline Committee – Salt Lake Ranger District – REI – Trails Utah


     Volunteers at National Trails Day


                                                                                                                 Our botanist Tim wielding the double jack                      Before/After: Smashing rock to open up tread