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Cardiff Fork - Donut Falls Connector

The Trail

The Cardiff Fork Connector trail is a mile long trail that is accessed from the Mill D South parking lot.  It starts just behind the meadows south of the highway and winds past the Jordan Pines campground, ultimately leading to the Donut Falls and Cardiff Fork trailheads. From this trail you can also link up to a trail heading toward the Spruces Campground and Days Fork trailhead.   

The Project

Donut Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the entire Wasatch, and as a result, the parking at the trailhead is woefully inadequate.  As a result, most of the hikers heading up to the falls park in the Mill B south parking lot, then make their way up the road until the trailhead. The road itself sees a lot of traffic from automobiles, and combined with large groups of hikers it became quite the safety concern.  In an effort to preserve user safety while also helping to limit hikers from disturbing private landowners in the area, the Salt Lake Ranger District developed a new connector trail.  This trail improves the hiking experience immediately as users no longer must start the hike with a march up concrete.  Instead, they immediately get their feet on the dirt as they wind through the forest tucked away from the road, preserving their safety and the demand on the road and parking lot at the trailhead.  As part of our work on this trail, we were able to utilize our sawyer skills in clearing the trees in the trails layout, as well as scratching out the trails length.  After establishing the scratch line, we hosted National Public Lands Day here and the generous volunteers helped to work expand the tread throughout its length.  This project is scheduled to be finished this upcoming season.

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  Crew member logging trail                                    National Public Lands Day volunteers                                                Opening up the tread