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Dog to Desolation Re-Route

The Trail

The Dog Lake to Desolation Lake connector trail is a 1.5 mile trail that rests in between a few popular trails spanning multiple canyons.  From Mill Creek, you can access it by heading up Big Water toward Dog Lake.  From the Big Cottonwood side, you take Mill D north where you can access it on either side. Finally, coming down the Wasatch Crest trail a rider can use it to connect from Desolation to Dog, on their way down to Mill Creek. The connector trail itself is an easy hike, with some beautiful moments surrounded in Aspen forests and views of Reynold Peak.      

The Project

This trail was developed as a way to improve the recreation experience for the vast network that surrounds it listed above.  Additionally, the trail heading down from Dog Lake toward Mill D in Big Cottonwood is currently badly eroded, very steep, and unsafe for bikers coming down, and difficult for hikers going up.  Previously, a user would have to go down this part of the trail only to turn and head back up if they wanted to visit Desolation Lake.  The intersection where these trails meet has colloquially been dubbed “Blunder Fork” as it’s quite easy to miss, particularly for the Wasatch 100 runners trying to stay on the right path near dusk.  Working with the Salt Lake Ranger District, a scratch line was installed two years ago, and a finished trail was opened at the end of this season.  For both sides of entry to the trail, wide turns were incorporated to add a slower transition for bikers, and clear sight lines for all users.  While the work wasn’t too technical, the amount of dirt moved was massive, and this project was truly made possible by all the volunteers who came out, particularly the Wasatch 100 runners.    


Our Partners:

Salt Lake Ranger District – Wasatch 100



         Before/After: Cutting tread into hillside                            A group of our volunteers who made the work possible                       A moose hanging out at Blunder Fork