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Little Cottonwood Pavilion Clean Up

The Site:

Frequent users of the Little Cottonwood Creek trail were well acquainted with the sight of this abandoned pavilion.  Throughout the years since being decommissioned, it had become a canvas for rampant graffiti which covered every inch of the walls and ground.  In addition to this, it had also become a meeting spot for illicit and destructive behaviors, drastically affecting the surrounding trails and boulder fields with trash, refuse, and graffiti. Today, that graffiti has spread rampantly and can now be seen up and down the Little Cottonwood Creek trail, scaring the beautiful granite boulders which line the creek, as well as reaching higher and higher up on the both sides of the lower canyon.

The Project:

The first step in rehabilitating this area was the razing and removal of the pavilion. This portion had been in the planning stages for many years and was completed just this past season, thanks to the Forest Service and the local land owners.  Now the work of removing the graffiti from the surrounding area can begin.  In addition to this, a revegetation plan has been developed to not only restore the area to its natural state, but also to help deter future vandalism.  This project represents a new aspect to our work, and one that has support from an amazing amount of partnering groups and concerned citizens of the community.  It’s a lot to take on, but with such a united front, and the many volunteers who will be enthusiastically joining us throughout multiple days this upcoming season, the area will begin to return to its original and unscathed beauty.   


Interest and support for this program has grown over the past year. We are thankful for our community members and partners committed to graffiti abatement in the canyons. Successful graffiti management and removal requires a multi-prong approach, and we NEED your HELP. Please visit the links below to donate to our efforts and learn more about what YOU can do to prevent graffiti in the Cottonwood Canyons.

Go Fund Me Campaign – donations support construction of gates that prevent illegal and unsafe crossing of a pipe just adjacent to the old pavilion site.

US Forest Service Fact Sheet – Graffiti Along the Wasatch Front: See it, Report it

Graffiti Abatement Action Plan

– Our Partners –

Salt Lake Ranger District – Salt Lake Climbers Alliance – TreeUtah 

and growing!


                      View of the boulder field behind pavilion                     Graffiti removal in the Beer Can Cave                Volunteers cleaning the beautiful granite