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Lake Solitude Re-Route

The Trail

Lake Solitude Trail is a 3.0 mile out and back resting between Brighton and Solitude ski resorts. The trailhead is accessed from the west side of Silver Lake where it gains 290 feet of elevation as it winds through aspens and evergreens until reaching the lake. It is a great easy-to-moderate hike, appropriate for all ages, with the high possibility of seeing moose near the lake, and pikas in the adjacent boulder fields. From this trail, you can connect to the Twin Lakes trail and wind your way back to Silver Lake.

The Project

The original layout of the trail, leading from Silver Lake to Lake Solitude, is incredibly popular for hikers and mountain bikers.  However, due to the openess of the trail as it passes through a ski run, the trail was badly fractured, leading to a network of social trails damaging a much larger area than was desired.  To help establish a more sustainable trail, a re-route was built alongside the USFS to contour more to the ridge, and avoid traversing through the manicured ski run portion.  Due to these social trails, navigating to the lake, as well as connecting to the Twin Lakes trail, was increasingly confusing, even with signage. The intersection between these two trails was reworked, allowing bikers a smooth transition from one trail to the other, while giving hikers clear sight lines of other users coming from above.  Additionally, the trail’s tread was improved by removing large rocks and stumps, with particular care take to installing 12 ft. of rock plating over a large hole that had developed beneath a boulder field. Finally, over a quarter mile of social trail was thoroughly obliterated, which included the installment of checks on the steeper portions to slow water runoff and aid restoration.  


Salt Lake Ranger District – Solitude Mountain Resort

Working with the Forest Service crew

Rock plating installed for tread

Before/After: Intersection with Twin Lakes trail