• Fall & Summer Field Trips at Silver Lake

Hands-on learning experience at the source of your drinking water!

A powerful learning experience out of the classroom, these field trips are designed for 4th and 5th grade students. We have tailored the content of these field trips to reinforce what the students are learning in the classroom. Over the past ten years, we have led nearly 5,000 students on these fall learning expeditions in their mountain backyard.

Led by both experienced staff and our fantastic volunteers, these programs seek to connect participants with the basic science of their watershed and the natural history of the Wasatch Mountains. After all, it’s hard to not want to take care of the source of your drinking water after you have a connection with it!

These field trips are co-led through a partnership between the staff and volunteers of the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, the SLC Department of Public Utilities Watershed and the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

While on our summer and fall field trips at the Silver Lake Nature Center, we engage students in a series of hands-and-minds-on activities that explore their connection to their drinking water and watersheds. Hands on activities include macroinvertebrate sampling, a build-a-bug activity and an exploratory walk around the beautiful Silver Lake boardwalk.

On past field trips, we’ve watched moose (from a safe distance!), been observed by mink sneaking glimpses at us, trout swimming in the streams, and investigated beaver lodges & dams.

Further details:

  • Field trips may run August through early October
  • Free of charge!
  • Macro invertebrate sampling, walks, etc!
  • Guided by trained naturalists
  • Take place on fully accessible .7 mile boardwalk
  • Group size limited (flexible) to 60 participants
  • Email education@cottonwoodcanyons.org to schedule

All education programs have an emphasis on safety, stewardship, and learning.