• Wildflower Guide

to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon

Use our guide to learn the flowers!

Working with volunteers, student groups and local wildflower experts, we present a field guide to the wildflowers of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon. This is truly a unique and special wildflower guide, with all photos having been donated by our volunteers and taken in the canyon.

With an easy to use format, the field guide is just the right size to fit in your backpack, hydration pack or pocket for a hike in the mountains. Organized by color, the guide is spiral bound and easy to thumb through while trying to figure out “WHAT FLOWER IS THAT?” amidst the vast array of flowers in the canyons.

This guide is available for $15 at the following locations:
(more to be added!)

Proceeds from this guide support the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation’s programs.