• Wasatch Legacy Project

Effective Actions to Conserve

wlpThe Wasatch Legacy Project (WLP) leverages private and public support to undertake creative and effective actions that conserve and sustain critical resources, create resilient ecosystems, and enrich the quality of life for the region, its residents, businesses, and canyon visitors.

The Wasatch Front serves a unique dual role as drinking water supply for more than a half-million residents in Salt Lake City and surrounding communities and serves as a backyard playground for millions of visitors and residents. As the population of the Salt Lake valley increases, there will be more demand for both water and recreation in the canyons along the Wasatch Front. These watersheds are vulnerable to impacts from growing recreation use, climate change, invasive species, and other stressors.

The Wasatch Legacy Project was formed in response to the federal government’s desire to develop innovative public-private partnerships involving public lands. With declining budgets and increasing pressure and reliance on public lands, local land management agencies are finding challenges to meeting their management direction. To build more ownership in the problem and the solution, these agencies expanded their partnership into this collaborative effort.

The WLP builds on existing relationships and embraces new partners in a collaborative effort to enhance watershed conditions and provide sustainable outdoor recreation in the watersheds feeding the Salt Lake valley.

The WLP is made up of federal, state, county and municipal governments, nongovernmental organizations, and ski resorts, with support from the outdoor retailer industry.

Projects and opportunities to support

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Current Members:

  • Town of Alta
  • Salt Lake City
  • Salt Lake County
  • Save Our Canyons
  • Ski Areas—Alta Ski Lifts, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton
  • Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
  • US Forest Service
  • UT Department of Natural Resources
  • UT Division of Water Quality
  • Friends of Alta
  • Wasatch Front Regional Council
  • Salt Lake Climbers Alliance
  • Wasatch Mountain Club